JSP/Servlet via Apache Tomcat 8

  • We also provide support for installing Apache Tomcat 8 for JSP/Servlet processing with 128MB private heap size and runs on top of Oracle Java SE 8. Additional heap size up to 2GB is also available for running medium to big applications.
  • Applicable only for:
    - Professional (order now)
    - Ultimate (order now)
    - Platinum (order now)
  • Unlimited JSP and non-JSP Sites
  • 128MB Private Heap Size (JVM)
  • MySQL 5.5.x, PostgreSQL 9.x
  • Log Access
  • WAR Deployment
  • One time setup fee is S$ 5.00
  • Monthly fee is S$ 3.00 for 128MB private heap size
  • Additional charge S$ 1.00 for additional 128MB private heap size per montth
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